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You are looking for lightness and radiance with only 2 shampoos a week?
Specially formulated for greasy hair, the G shampoo removes excess sebum, giving the hair volume, shine and body.
HELIABRINE’S ultra-gentle cleansing agent, derived from coco and glucose, respects the natural balance of the scalp and leaves the hair soft, supple and full of bounce. 
Selected for its gentleness, it is suitable for the most sensitive of scalps and can be used daily.
Ivy : Hair detergent, regulates the pilosebaceous system, vasoconstricting toner. 
Cress : Contains vitamins (A, C, D) to restructure epithelial cells and the pilosebaceous system. 
Rocket : Contains sulphur to restructure epithelial cells and the pilosebaceous system. 
Panama wood saponins : Gentle plant lather.
Wet the hair with warm water. Spread the shampoo over the hair. Massage into the scalp gently. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse well. Re-apply if necessary.

Size: 250 ml

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