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Whimsical and alluring colors enhance your glow and inspire your confidence. 
The perfect makeup collection to craft your look for any occassion. 
Berry Frost Lip Gloss
Keep lips soft and hydrated with a pleasant scent of grapefruit and strawberry.
Lip Sangria Pencil
Soft and smooth gliding application allows for ease of blending and even color with no feathering, stickness and long wearability.
Eye Spice Berry Trio, Eye Gingersnap Trio
Rich pigment that lasts all day. 
Shades for any occasion easy-to-blend colors, and mix-and-match shades to create natural day, evening, and fashionable looks.
 This product is Oncology Friendly
Eye Crimson Cream Duo, Eye Chocolate Brulée Duo
Accentuate eyes with matte shades for a natural look. 
Crushed Coral Blush, Summer Rose Blush
The beautiful shades range from a bright touch to a soft, natural look.
 This product is Oncology Friendly

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