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This intensive anti-ageing treatment revitalizes, firms and replumps mature, tired or devitalized skins.

Highly concentrated in Marine Collagen and powerful anti-ageing Peptides, these ampoules stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which decreases during the ageing process.

The youthful effect is significant. In 6 days, the skin is redensified, dermic collagen rate has increased by 186%.
After only 12 days of treatment, the skin is visibly firmer and recovers its radiance and vitality.


Marine Collagen
Anti-ageing peptides


This formula suits all skin types.

Apply the content of one ampoule to a cleansed face andneckline. Gently massage into the skin. To recover a fresh looking fully replenished skin in the morning, use 1 ampoule every night for 24 consecutive days.
We recommend this routine 3 to 4 times a year especially with the change of seasons, after prolonged exposure to the sun when the skin is more demanding.
For best results, apply every morning the HELIABRINE® WRINKLE FILLER Intensive Care.

Size: 24*1 ml

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