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The cosmetic answer to Botox injections! 
Our skin is constantly exposed to external factors and stress, which speed up the ageing process. 
Moreover, by contracting the facial muscles, wrinkles become deeper and expression wrinkles emerge. 
Total Skin Rescue is a highly concentrated anti-wrinkle serum that nourishes and hydrates intensively and increases the elasticity of the skin. 
The patented ingredient Argireline® also called Acetyl-hexapeptide-8 reduces the length and depth of existing facial wrinkles and also blocks expression wrinkles from developing further. 
The anti free radical complex Preregen® protects the skin and slows down the ageing process and the formation of wrinkles. 
When you use Total Skin Rescue your skin is immediately smooth and radiant with firm facial contours. 
Apply to any patches of dry skin, e

Size: 30 ml

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