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Rejuvenating Therapy Serum is a complete cocktail that is rich in active agents. It has an exceptionally anti-ageing and anti-cellular senescence effect. 
The active ingredient bio saccharide gum-1 promotes the synthesis of sirtuins-1 by 475%. 
Sirtuins-1 are key enzymes for cell longevity. 
Rejuvenating Therapy Serum is a euphoria - inducing and rejuvenating cocktail for all mature, damaged, stressed skin, and skins suffering from hormonal conditions, convalescent, neglected skins …etc.. 
It has a melting and penetrating texture right to the heart of the epidermis. 
Contains no parabens, silicone, coloring agents or perfume allergens.
Apply in the evening to a perfectly cleansed skin with circular massage movements.

Size: 30 ml

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