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Thanks to a new and powerful anti-aging extract Beauty Express 24h is one of the most advanced and efficient anti-wrinkling treatments of today. 
It appears as if the “plumping” ingredients, being Phytokine® and Pseudocollagen®, fill up the wrinkles from the inside. 
The skin’s structure is firmer and all tissues regain their compactness and elasticity. 
The skin is more vital, younger and optimally hydrated. The creamy texture assures a silky soft and comfortable feeling for your skin, both by day and at night. 
In a very short term, Beauty Express 24h assures visible results and is recommended for all women aged 35 and older. 
Beauty Express 24h is a day and night cream all in one and should be applied in the morning and the evening on a cleansed skin.

Size: 50 ml

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