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Lisine Epstein is an extensive range of skin care and make up products, was born in 1968 in Belgium and very rapidly became known for its high quality products.

To this day, Lisine Epstein products and treatments are still much acclaimed and widely used by beauty professionals and retail customers in many countries around the globe.

What makes LISINE EPSTEIN so unique?

  • They offer an attractive, comprehensive, contemporary and luxurious range of makeup, with the finest textures and trendy, fitting colors, tailored to the Belgian woman.
  • Several times a year Lisine Epstein introduce novel products for face and body, using the newest ingredients and utilizing the most modern manufacturing methods.
  • Lisine Epstein use high-quality ingredients and advanced formulas.
  • Used correctly, Lisine Epstein products yield immediately noticeable results.
  • Lisine Epstein offer an extensive range with spectacular cabin treatments.
  • Lisine Epstein work is driven by continuous research and implementation of new technologies.
  • Collaboration with the most renowned laboratories in Europe.
  • Lisine Epstein deliver excellent value for money.
  • Lisine Epstein provide attractive promotions on a regular basis.