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HELIABRINE - the Art of Skincare

Founded in 1941 in the Principality of Monaco, SED HELIABRINE Laboratories belong to the dermo-cosmetics group ASEPTA-AKILEINE.

HELIABRINE provides a complete line including 9 ranges developed with natural active ingredients to answer each skin type needs

All products are formulated by pharmacists in collaboration with beauticians. Some selective ingredients such as Shea butter, have been studied for several years and are used extensively together with various plant extracts (Calendula, Centella Asiatica, Sweet Clover, Imperata Cylindrica, Ginkgo Biloba…), all chosen and associated for their synergy.

HELIABRINE is the beauty treatment range, selected by beauticians in more than 30 countries, for professional use and for its high quality retail products.

The values that constitute the basis of each HELIABRINE product: Nature, Efficacy, Pleasure


Passionate by nature, our team of pharmacists, galenists and chemists study and select the most precious natural extracts which roots, flowers, leaves, barks contain active ingredients with outstanding properties for the skin.
These plant extracts are carefully combined with vitamins and patented ingredient to create products that answer efficiently to every skin problem.
Discover the unique power of each of our natural extracts in the ACTIVE INGREDIENT PAGE.


SED-HELIABRINE benefits from the scientific expertise of the ASEPTA Laboratories, implanted in Monaco since more than 60 years.
They have her own integrated R&D department allowing us to develop the most innovative formulas and we hold exclusive patents used in some of our best-selling formulas.
Every product is developed by pharmacists, tested under dermatological control and undergoes strict control at different step of the production process.
Subject to safety and efficacy tests, all Heliabrine products ensure optimum tolerance with your skin.


Because Pleasure is very important in your skin care routine, we create each formula to provide skincare products that are both effective and pleasant to use.
Each texture is unique to meet the needs of your skin and provide optimal comfort.
Each fragrance offers a unique censorial experience.
Heliabrine also test all her formulas in real life conditions with a panel of end consumers to ensure that our product will satisfy a large population before it is released onto the market.