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Extreme Eye Recovery Day Care is a fine gel containing argireline, proteins from ovo-albumine and kaolin. 
Extreme Eye Recovery Day Care is very effective at immediately lightening dark eye circles and de-swelling heavy/prominent eye pouches. 
The intensive effect of argireline makes wrinkles and fine lines disappear. The product’s effect starts to take hold after 5 minutes. 
The temporary effect of this product lasts for 8 hours and disappears after cleansing. 
Extreme Eye Recovery Day Care cannot be mixed with other eye creams or serums. This will destroy the powerful action of the product! 
Extreme Eye Recovery Night Care is an intensive night care treatment for the eye contours containing argireline, tripeptides, tetrapeptides, oligo elements, horse chestnut and caring and soothing vegetal oils. 
The active ingredients guarantee a long lasting anti-wrinkle effect when used daily. 
Apply Extreme Eye Recovery Day Care on a well cleansed dry skin by gently tapping it, using the fingertips until the product has been completely absorbed. 
Make-up may be applied to the eyes afterwards. Extreme Eye Recovery Day Care must always be removed before going to sleep. 
Apply Extreme Eye Recovery Night Care by gently tapping the product into a well cleansed skin using the fingertips before going to sleep. 
Does not contain parabens, silicones or artificial colorants.
SIZE: 6x4 ml
PRICE: $90.00

Size: 6X4 ml

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