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This outstanding formula restores a radiant skin and fights significantly the signs of ageing (wrinkles, lack of firmness, brown spots).
Thanks to the “WHITESPHERETM PREMIUM” brightening complex and a Bearberry extract, this serum helps reduce brown spots and get a fairer complexion.
A complex of Macadamia & Rice Bran oils combined with Imperata Cylindrica offers maximum hydration.
7 anti-ageing active ingredients with complementary properties restore the firmness and the density of the skin.
Perfectly protected and moisturized, your skin looks younger, healthier and more radiant.
Whitesphere TM Premium
Rice bran oil
Macadamia oil
Imperata Cylindrica
Plant glycerin
Anti-ageing peptides
Algisium C
Hyaluronic acid
Centella Asiatica
Pro Vitamin B5
Iparzine® -4A
Apply daily at night on cleansed face and neck. For maximum results, apply the HELIXIENCE protective cream in the morning. 
This serum suits all skin types and can be used every day.

Size: 30 ml

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